We are proud to offer a range of services at hostmedia uganda.

1. Website Development services:

 This includes design, hosting and maintenance

2. Arctitectural Design:

House plans that help maximise plot space and yet giving you a beautiful design.

3. Graphic / Vector Design:

We are a very experienced team of designers, think about your concept, and we deliver it  to you.

Is it a logo, business card, business documents (receipts, invoices, etc) we are here to deliver to you.


4. Financial Literacy

one of the main reason we started this company is to help many more people access financial education. 

This website is testimony of what financial education can do to people. With the love to learn and taking action the CEO of hostmedia has been able to come up with this resource.

We are ready to get show you the exact path that we have taken so far.

Be ready to follow up on  with our financial education tour.